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- KETAV CONSULTANT is a well established and growing engineering company which was founded in 2005

- Ketav Consultant has supplied more than 300 Nos. Multiple Effect Evaporators Plants for Product Concentration And for Zero Liquid Discharge with Salt Recovery.

- We gave good manufacturing facility with 15,000 Sq. mtr. area near Gandhinagar.


Led by the team of efficient professionals, we are able to offer Multiple Effect Evaporator, Plants to our clients. These plants are made using high quality raw component in tandem with international quality standards. Owing to their easy installation, rugged construction and longer functional life, our evaporator plants are highly demanded in the market.

Multiple Effect Evaporator Plants are extensively catering to the needs of textile, pharmaceutical, automobile, chemical and dyeing industries.


- The Liquid to be concentrated is preheated to boiling temperatures; even thin films enters the heating tube via distributors in the head of the evaporator, flow downward at boiling temperature and is partially evaporated.

- Spreading of liquid to each tube and forming the thin film across area of the tube is the principle of falling film evaporator.

- It can be used for processing liquors, which are sensitive, have a high rate of specific heat transfer, for low fouling, low viscous fluid & for non crystalline solutions.


- In Forced Circulation Evaporator the liquid is pumped in the tubes with high velocity. As the liquid enters the separator where the absolute pressure is slightly less than in the tube bundle, the liquid flashes to form a vapor.

- It is suitable for use with materials which tend to foul the heat transfer surfaces and where crystallization can occur in the evaporator in the vapour separator.


- Stripper systems are used to recovering low boiling solvents form waste water.

- By using stripper, COD reduce in MEE Plant condensed water.


We have supplied product recovery plants to recover products as below:

Concentration Products :-

- Dextrose Concentration

- Sodium Acetate

- Amino acid Concentration

- Phosphoric Acid

- Milk Concentration

Salt Recovers : -

- Sodium Sulphate

- Zinc sulphate

- Sodium Chloride

- Manganese sulphate

- Sodium Thio Sulphate

- Sodium Sulphite

- Ammonium Sulphate

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